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Warner Bros.

Diverse engagement drives success for Warner Bros. with DiversityComm.

Warner Bros. Amplifies Diversity: Banner Ads Soar with DiversityComm Partnership

Warner Bros. aimed to reach a diverse audience for their movie releases, particularly targeting engagement with their films “Barbie” and “Blue Beetle.” They needed to ensure their advertising efforts resonated effectively with their diverse demographic.
Warner Bros

The Problem

Warner Bros. sought to enhance diversity in their audience engagement for their films “Barbie” and “Blue Beetle,” aiming to identify the right community that matches the target demographic for these two movies.

The Solution

Partnering closely with DiversityComm, Warner Bros. deployed targeted banner ad campaigns on DiversityComm’s websites. By aligning their ads with the inclusive communities fostered by DiversityComm, Warner Bros. maximized their reach and engagement among diverse audiences.

The Impact

Warner Bros.’s ads for “Barbie” and “Blue Beetle” achieved over 230K impressions combined, showcasing the effectiveness of their partnership with DiversityComm in reaching and resonating with diverse audiences.
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