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January 2024

Hispanic Community

Celebrate Hispanic heritage and explore the dynamic world of Hispanic/Latinx professionals with DiversityComm Magazine. Dive into inspiring success stories, career opportunities and influential voices that shape the Hispanic/Latinx community.
February 2024

Black Community

Discover the power of diversity and unlock your career potential with inspiring stories and valuable insights from DiversityComm Magazine. Join the movement of equal opportunity for the Black Community to thrive in the corporate world.
March 2024

Women Community

Empowering women in the workplace, DiversityComm Magazine provides a platform for ambitious professionals to thrive. Discover inspiring stories, career advice and strategies to break barriers and achieve success in any industry.

April 2024

DIVERSEability Community

Tap into an array of opportunities and keep up with the latest news, opportunities, assistive resources and events vital to the differently-abled community.

May 2024

AAPI / STEM Community​

Gain access to a wealth of STEM opportunities and resources and stay up-to-date on the latest newsand events pertinent to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

 June 2024

LGBTQ+ Community

Join the Diversity & Inclusion movement with the LGBTQ+ community and discover exclusive insights, resources, and career, business and education opportunities.

DiversityComm Media Also Publishes U.S. Veterans Magazine

A Quarterly Publication

Summer 2024

Honoring Service and Empowering Veterans

Your trusted resource for business, DVBE, employment and educational prospects for veterans.

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